The Enigma Society

Founded by The Alternate Reality Game S.L. in 2020, The Enigma Society is a centenarian organization dedicated to world domination logic games, where you are rewarded for your IQ (Influence Quotient, that is).

Earn IQ points, get prestige

Money, Game Bonuses and Exclusive Access await you


Increase your Influence Quotient (IQ) by:

👾  Playing our games. The better player you are, the higher IQ you get.

👯  Inviting friends. Or enemies, we're not picky. They get a 3€ off coupon, and you get 500 IQ points (5€). You both can play Enigma for free!

🎩  Spending money. Money will never give you a victory in our games, but it will definitely increase your IQ. 


Become a Member 200 IQ points
On your Birthday 500 IQ points
Someone accepts your Invitation 500 IQ points
1€ spent in our store 10 IQ points
Alpha 10000 IQ points
Beta 1200 IQ points
Gamma 300 IQ points
Winners get their Enigma points turned into IQ points
1 point earned 10 IQ points


Use your prestige to

💶  Get money. Redeem your IQ points for € in our store.

💜  Get game bonuses specifically tailored for you. Ever been part of a game's story? See what in-game rewards are available in the game you are playing. (Coming soon)

🔑  Get exclusive access. Reach the top, and become one of The Enigma Society Alphas.


100 IQ points 1€ to spend in our store
500 IQ points The Enigma Society Alphas monthly access (only available to our Alpha patrons and the top 5 members with the highest IQ)
Coming soon In-game rewards



The Enigma Society Alphas

Every month, our Alpha patrons and the top 5 members with the highest IQ are granted Exclusive Access to The Enigma Society Alphas, a private club within the Society dedicated to █████ ██████████, ██████ ██████████, and everything in between.