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The Alternate Reality Game S.L. is an indie game studio originated in Los Angeles and based in Madrid that creates social impact entertainment.

Our games are designed to drive a sustained positive impact on society through innovation in education, and the gamification of the defense of values (respect, tolerance) and skills acquisition (logical, analytical, social, creative). All of it while enjoying a universe of entertainment.

The studio has also worked for brands whose values drive a positive impact in other fields (culture, environment), and has designed immersive education university projects for future implementation. 


The business project was selected by the European Social Fund's Accelerator in 2017, and is led by Claudia del Campo, a Madrid Cultural Council Member in the Proximity and Cultural Innovation Section, and a Co-Founder and Member of the Board of Directors of the Film Directors Association.

Del Campo's past projects have been seen at international festivals, movie theatres in three different continents, and on Netflix, Amazon, Canal+, MTV... Considered an "Individual with Extraordinary Abilities" by the U.S. Government in 2015, Del Campo is also the author of the screenplay in which the studio's franchise is based, considered by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences:

–– "Uniquely written. A visual mind map"

–– "Wildly unique"




The unfolding franchise of the studio has revealed the existence of at least three tailor-made transmedia games: METAGAME, TARG, and Hypercube.

TRANSMEDIA GAMES are game experiences across platforms: an interactive series on YouTube, an undercover mission on Twitter, the Unit's Headquarters and Intel Department in Discord and the Wiki... You may find clues for your investigation on the whole internet and at that uncharted territory... the real world.

TAILOR-MADE means the games react to your specific actions, just like reality. The studio develops the experience as it is being played.

  • TARG and Hypercube may be played separately, and individually.
  • METAGAME is the multiplayer experience where all the games are interconnected.

The studio uses Patreon as its membership platform to give you access to the whole franchise. This makes it possible for us to spend more time creating for you, knowing that we can count on the same technological security the big companies have.

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